1337 Accelerator

About the Program

The 1337 Accelerator (pronounced leet accelerator) was formed to fund aspiring new and existing startups in the app development space. We love Mobile Games but we’re also open to apps that are pushing boundaries such as hardware integrated ones or even in verticals such as healthcare and education. If you think your ideas are breaking grounds, we want to hear them!

How do I get in?

Fill up the registration form and prepare a deck that contains the following:

What your idea is
If it is based on something existing in the market, let us know how you are different from Brand X
If mock ups are needed, run it by us
If you have monetization ideas, let us know them
State briefly the breakdown of roles in your team
What is your projected timeline for a prototype and to market


1337 Ventures runs a weekly pitching event, every Tuesday starting 10:00 am.

The panel consists of the mentors of 1337 Ventures and members of our angel and mentor network.

This is a chance for you to present your startup to the investors and open the doors to investment.

So if you got a business idea worth scaling, apply now!


Parkeasy’s Success Story

1337 Ventures played an instrumental role in the growth of Parkeasy from pre-seed stage to being piloted and gaining series round funding—among many others.

Pre-seed Funding to Seed Funding (CMY Capital)


Government Grant (PlatCOM)

Series Round Funding (Kumpulan Modal Perdana)

Our Startup Stars

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Got A Business Idea Worth Scaling?

You’re super excited about your new business, but know it needs greater exposure, a strong startup support ecosystem, plus funding to expand.