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About the Program

Alpha Startups | 1337 Ventures is a pre-accelerator programme for idea stage startups. The FREE bootcamp are open for founders with just a business idea where participants get to go through idea validation exercise, product development and go to market strategies. Upon successfully completed the 5-day bootcamp, startup will gain priority admission into funding program by 1337 Accelerator and other recognized funding organization.

How do I get in?

So you have a groundbreaking idea, but you’re hesitant about putting your all into it—capital, resources and full-time job on the line!—till you’re surer it has what it takes to fly? Or perhaps, you’re already running a startup on the side that needs further pushing, pruning, or even pivoting? We can help.

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Why We Founded Alpha Startups

What happens between ‘idea’ and ‘product validation’?
A key missing link…

Bridging The Gap

These days, most startups’ fastest resort to launching their idea is to seek funding & incubator support from accelerators & angel investors. There is a lot to achieve however to get your startup from “idea” to “minimal viable product” (MVP) & “market validation” stage—the main criteria for accelerators and investors looking to invest in a worthy start-up.

Alpha Startup Mission

We saw the gap and we seek to be the bridge between your alpha idea and its critical acceleration curve! Alpha Startups is a 5-day intensive bootcamp where selected teams of entrepreneurs, developers and designers get to test, fintetune and validate a scalable product or service startup idea together with their peers.

The Outcome?

Successful Alpha Startup graduates gain a higher chance of being selected for further funding programmes run by 1337 Accelerator, and other recognised funding organisations regionally. Above all, they will be validated startups with strong pitch decks consisting of a viable value proposition, marketing plan and product development roadmap.

The Early-Stage Startup Journey

Before You Seek Support And Cash, Put Your Idea To The Ultimate Test.

Gigfairy’s Success Story

1337 Ventures played an instrumental role in Gigfairy’s fast track startup journey from validating its business under Alpha Startups to being acquired by major corporations—among many others!


Alpha Startups Graduate & Winner


Raised Pre-seed Funding as Alpha Startups Winner


Raised Pre-seed Funding (Endeavor Capital)


Acquisition by BAC Ventures and Tune Studios

Alpha Startups Bootcamp Tour

In this expanding landscape, we see more iconic companies being born and a growing opportunity to back founders from day one. If you have a ground breaking ideas, we’d like to hear from you!

Got A Business Idea Worth Scaling?

You’re super excited about your new business, but know it needs greater exposure, a strong startup support ecosystem, plus funding to expand.